Early life and beginnings

Gurmeet is so talented in his field but rather than earning name and fame, Gurmeet has always focused on practising effortlessly. And finally in the year 1997 his own cassette by the name “Ehnaa Toh Khatraa Hai” was released among the audience. However, his first cassette was not that successful but Gurmeet became a very much popular face in the field of singing.And soon Gurmeet stepped on the ladder of success.

To start a successful journey in the upward direction. Soon he started singing the much loved songs of Kuldeep Maanak in fairs. But the journey in the field of singing was not that easy for Gurmeet, it came along with different challenges. It was Gurmeet who held on to his ladder of success by participating in different singing competitions in order to fulfil his dreams and gain the much required fame.

Music career

Dev Thrike‘s power of writing yet again received a new-fangled direction and this time in the form of Gurmeet. However, a new turn emerged in the field of Punjabi singing in the year 2013 as a new CD of 10 songs was released by the name “Suni Karnail Siyaa” directed and produced by K Entertainment Company.

The songs were written by Dev Thrike and sung by Gurmeet.These songs again gave rise to the much blessed feelings and desired emotions for their favourite singer Kuldeep Maanak among the people. After this particular success, their upcoming new album “Buri Hundi Hai” is pretty much awaited and will be released soon.


The album will comprise ten new songs which will be written by Dev Thrike and sung by Gurmeet.Gurmeet has full hope that his singing and songs written by Dev Thrike in this new album will get the much required popularity and love. He also believes that he will continue to get the great love of his audience for the way he has sung not only in India but all over the world.

Gurmeet feels blessed as Dev Thrike has kept his hand on his head and gave him his blessings in the form of his write-ups. We pray for him that he reaches at the top and gains all the love from the fans as well as his audience by his voice by spreading the voice of Punjabi culture and stories all over the world through his singing.